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26x60,5 cm


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PLASTER 80256 18455 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m² 

ALLWOOD GREY  26678 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m² 

CONCRETE 3D 81099 26680 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m² 

CONCRETE 80290 35409 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m²

TAURE 3D 81129 22497 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 52,00€/m²

TAURE 80257 22857 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m²

START WHITE GLAY 24113 26Χ60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m²

TAVELLA ALLWOOD GREY 26619 13X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 85€/m²

FASCIA METROPOLIS  22775 26X60,5 1,26m²/κιβ. 52,00€/m²

FASCIA TEBRIZ CONCRETΕ  30049 26X60,5 58,00€/τεμάχιο

LISTELLO TEBRIZ CONCRETE 4158 6X60,5 40,00€/τεμάχιο

CONCRETE PAVΙΜΕΝΤΟ  26620 45X45 1,215m²/κιβ. 48,00€/m²

GROOVE WHITE CLAY 81244 35667 32,5Χ97,7 95,00€/τεμάχιο

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